Landscape Garten Front Entrance Drive GTA Exec House

Landscape Garten: Street view with trees, lawn and a winding drive for a GTA suburban house

I am a Toronto-based landscape designer who can convert your garden dreams into reality.

Landscape Garten designs and coordinates the building of your dream garden. My designs can bring together elements such as trees, flowers, patios, decks, outdoor furniture, water features, lighting, fences, pergolas, retaining walls and gazebos to create outdoor spaces that you live in. I create the designs and drawings that are the blueprint for your garden.

You can use Landscape Garten’s designs directly by your landscape contractor or yourself. I can recommend the most suitable GTA landscape contractor with the requisite skills that suits your budget or I can bring together landscape professionals to build your garden: stone masons, horticulturists, irrigation engineers, lighting experts, etc.