Anyone can pour concrete, but add design, curves, elevations, flow, and you have a new living space

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A Space for all Kinds of Entertaining


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Currently Under Construction

A welcoming garden

DuRock is undergoing a facelift on the outside.  I designed a patio on the corner across from the front entry.  It is under construction right now!  The boulders have been installed.  The concrete is being formed.  There is still  lots of work to do.  This terraced patio is to be linked to the front entry.  After all , it all belongs together.  Once the hardscape is done, then the planting will pull it all together.  In a couple of years when the plants have filled in,  you will have a wonderful garden niche.

waiting to be reconstructed                                                                       …the link to the front door

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designing together at the kitchen table

Have you ever sat together with a landscape designer and designed your own space, so that you don’t make the mistakes of an inexperienced novice?

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Beautiful landscapes begin with a design

To measure and plan on paper is much easier than realizing something was put in the wrong place after construction.  With everything layed out in a plan drawn to scale,  now products can be selected and priced.  Contractors can estimate how much they need to purchase in order to build the garden  or even search for alternative products to save on costs

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Frontyard distanced from the road


When you walk out your front door, build a garden to screen the view of the street.  Enjoy the view of your own front yard.

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Backyard Pool

Upon arriving  thru the celebratory arch to the pool area, it is nice to choose to dine on the deck, or lounge by the pool.  The best feeling is to relish the privacy of ones own space when surrounded by nature even though you are in the middle of  a subdivision

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